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Alrighty. The project has started to take shape over the past few days, and it has become clear that there is a bit of mapping work to do in order to streamline the information flow between health providers and patients. To start, the region of Jasola has different road systems if you look at google and bing, and doesn't really exist on Open Street Map. Google is actually pretty good.... though I think a team will be going through and checking on the roads with GPS units this coming week. We can then compare Googlemaps to OSM and see what looks right.

The reason we need the maps to be right is so that we can work to create an information system that provides up-to-date information on the availability of health clinics in the region to supply services and medicine to those who need it most, and hopefully in a timely fashion. A number of surveys have been conducted in the past on what health centers are currently available, though much of that information doesn't make it to the child or mother simply due to information sharing problems. As such, we figured it would be great if we could find a way to keep this information regularly updated on a system that all can access. ...continue reading "Pilot Testing Online Mapping Systems for Health Provider Analysis and Response"

As we weaved through the rush hour traffic, heading east from the airport in a small four-door vehicle, I was immediately taken aback by the apparent Nascar-esque aspirations of the taxi driver. You know that turn toward the end of the race where the one guy pulls around the outer edge of the lane, speeding towards the finish line as the rest of his opponents gun for second, third, and fourth? Yep. That was us.

Then I realized that everyone was gunning for first place…. Yikes… ...continue reading "Hello Delhi"