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On September 23, 2011, Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian National Authority, submitted the necessary paperwork to the United Nations in an effort to seek international recognition for Palestine as the sovereign territory of the Palestinian People. This move was met with both applause and condemnation at home and abroad. Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu called it “a foolish move,” stating that “peace cannot not be achieved through unilateral moves”; rather, that “peace can only be achieved through direct negotiations with Israel.” With UN member states lining up on either side of the aisle in support or against such an attempt by the PLO, the debate over Palestinian state sovereignty reemerged back into the international spotlight as a major piece of the effort toward Middle East peace.

With this historic moment sparking debates across the globe as to the best way forward for Israel-Palestine, the obvious question that arises is what a final status will look like. In considering alternative futures, the debate can be thought of as coming down to one of two main options: a one-state solution, or a two-state solution. And while it is no secret that much of the world is strongly in favor of a two-state solution, it is certainly still worth exploring all ways forward, and arguments for and against each solution. As such, I will discuss three different articles on the road to final-status, examining not only the given arguments for their recommended end-state, but also how they recommend achieving their goals. ...continue reading "One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State – A Journal Review of Potential Pathways to Peace in Israel-Palestine"