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In one case, a man’s house is being entirely encircled by it. When it is done, his family will be given a key so that they can enter and exit their property through a gate cutting them off from land they have lived on for years. A guard tower will sit just a few meters from their home. The owner has a wife and two kids, and the kids are not allowed outside to play because of the construction, which is scheduled to be completed by mid-September.

In another instance, the house is locked between it and a settlement. One of the owner’s children has scars on his right eye from being hit by rocks thrown by the new neighbors because of his refusal to leave his land. Court battles with the government finally allowed the owner of the house, who had lived on the land for 35+ years, to come and go through a gate he has control over, as opposed to having access to his home controlled by the military. If you visit him, he will be interrogated by the military shortly after you leave.

Walls closing in Al Walaje

In other cases, entire communities are encircled by it, and the gate for entry and exit is controlled by the military. It cuts them off from their neighboring communities, effectively killing their economy and creating outrage among the residents.

When it is done, it will be approximately 760 kilometers long. 90% of it is a fence topped with barbed wire, and 10% of it is a 8 meter tall concrete structure.

“It” is a separation barrier dividing the State of Israel from the West Bank. ...continue reading "The Wall – Separation Barrier 101"